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The Countess

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Meet Queens

The Countess, our gorgeous female illusionist based on a true fantasy, is a two meter tall beautiful appearance that makes heads turn when she makes her entrance somewhere. She is extremely decadent, but she stands firm with both louboutins on the floor.

A Drag Race Holland icon, meet the countess.

The Countess is classic like no other. She dresses with style and class and knows how to adapt like a chameleon in any situation.

She is professional and always friendly. She continues to innovate and develop and she'll never cease to amaze.
There is no other like her, The Countess is an essence, a lifestyle, and an overall all-rounder.

The Countess is easy to distinguish on stage. She shined not only on the main stage of Drag Race Holland, but also festivals (Milkshake, Lowlands, ADE), clubs (Nyx, Soho house, Now&Wow, Escape), brunches (Dome church), soirées (Ahoy), theaters (new Luxor) and international stages (Paris, Berlin and Cologne) have all passed by in her glorious career.

The Countess gives a fresh twist to Burlesque, mixed with fashion posing, runways, new way, and unparalleled beauty.

Get ready be dazzled. 

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