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Stevie Stunner

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Meet Queens

A fierce queen to watch: Stevie Stunner is not only an incredible live performer, but also an incredible host and a joy to be around. Her quick remarks, sweet personality and impeccable looks make you fall in love with her instantly. Get in touch to book Stevie Stunner!

Stevie Stunner was the surprise of the last season of 'The Voice of Holland', she went viral with her audition, but news surrounding the show halted Stevie’s career actually before it started. Now, Stevie is finally releasing her debut single: “Phoenix is really just about how I feel. I am someone who works hard to to be the best drag queen and artist possible. This song is about chasing your own dreams, even if others don't believe you or care about you.”


Stevie Stunner is a vocalist and visual designer from The Hague, The Netherlands. Her voice is one in a million and it is now time for more people to hear her story.

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