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Why Valentine's Day is your company's highlight of the year

Valentine's Day only meant for lovers? Absolutely not. It could be the perfect opportunity for your company to underline culture, coherence and cooperation. Here's 3 perfect ways to create an amazing day at your office that people will be talking about for years to come:

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Photo by Mandy von Stahl on Unsplash

1. Highlight your company culture

Valentine's Day is one of the perfect days to highlight your company culture. Send everyone a box of chocolates with your company logo on it (sustainable chocolate of course) to tell them how much you appreciated their hard work, organise after work drinks to show love with a gin and tonic (our favourite) or take your team out to a fabulous lunch. Or how about that day you promised everyone could bring their pet to work?

Valentine's day is the one day a year during which love for the people in your company can flourish. What are some of the core values you can make an event out of that day?

2. Create coherence amongst colleagues and celebrate each other

The work floor can be a competitive place and what better way to break down some of those barriers than to celebrate Valentine's day? We know that a cooperative human being is a happy human being: research shows that by showing compassion to a fellow colleague, cortisol (stress hormone) levels drop and dopamine (happy hormone) levels rise, making you more creative and productive at work.

Organise a 'secret lover' card. Let everyone write a card with compliments to another colleague about their strengths. For example: 'Joe, you always show amazing support when I need it most. And when I'm running low of caffeine, you always full me up'. But remember to keep it a secret. Finding out who complimented you is half the fun. We also recommend letting people send roses to each other. Have them put in a name of a colleague they wish to send a rose to and leave it up to them if they want to do it anonymously or not. Have a fabulous drag queen hand out the roses and you have a guaranteed amazing day that people will talk about for years. Voilá!

“Have a fabulous drag queen hand out the roses and people will talk about the event for years. Voilá!”

3. Start collecting for a good cause and show love to those who need it most

Valentine's Day is not only an opportunity for giving to each other on the work floor. It's also a day to share it with people who need it most. Start collecting money from co-workers to give to a good cause: the bush fire victims in Australia, refugees in war areas or animals who are critically endangered. There's many great ways to do this, for example by hosting a silent auction, creating a 'Valentine pipeline' in which you can keep track of the amount that has been raised, or ask one of our queens to walk by people's desks and have them chip in a euro or two (or 200, we're not suggesting anything). Those who need it most will thank you and your office will carry a warmer heart towards you. Love is a two way street, baby.

An opportunity for connection.

There's no day like Valentine's Day to highlight the happiness of your colleagues and the culture you share. Our queens are specialised in helping you come up with the perfect way to portray love on the work floor and can brighten up the day together with you.

Interested to see what we can come up with together? There's a lot more ideas flowing out of us! Get in touch and we'll brainstorm the perfect Valentine's Day for your organisation!

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