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Ma'maQUeen has all the qualities of a global icon. Her performances are one of a kind, full of emotion and will leave you breathless.


She is one of the most promising performers worldwide. She came in third on the world famous first season of  Drag Race Holland. Meet the beautiful Ma'maqueen.

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This queen from Rotterdam will bring a performance like you’ve never seen before. Ma’MaQueen is an inspiring artist and undeniable talent. She is the proud mother of the House of Holographic Hoes, fashion designer and versatile force to reckon with. 


She walked the stages of Superball, Milkshake, Ahoy, and is among the first cast of Drag Race Holland. She is a much wanted talent on countless events and always gives a performance that is unique and moving.


When she’s not on stage, she’s a loving mother to her house. She takes that same warmth to all she meets and radiates power. 

In 2020, she came in third on the first season of Drag Race Holland. 


Are you ready to meet Ma’MaQueen?

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