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Meet Queens

This legendary queen is a classically trained actor and frequently asked personality in events & media. Hoax hosts. Hoax performs. Hoax'll do anything for money.

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Hoax started her carreer during Amsterdam pride 2011, at the door of Supperclub Amsterdam for the party Rumour Has It. Since then she's become one of the most frequently asked hosts in The Netherlands.

As a classically trained actor, Hoax has something that most drag performers don’t have: the ability to transform and take on a character. 

She is a frequently asked Host/MC and has hosted some of the biggest stages and festivals in the Netherlands for Amsterdam Pride, Amstelveld, Homomonument, Manifesto, Valtifest and many others.


In 2019 she starred in her very own tv show on national television called ‘De Diva in Mij’ for BNN/VARA. This made her and her colleagues the very first dragqueens to host a tv-show in The Netherlands.

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