After playing with Barbie dolls his whole life, Jimmy created his real life plus sized Barbie doll Heisa Jynx in 2011 at his own birthday party ‘Hippe poezen’. Her style is best described as a plus sized Malibu Barbie on acid riding a my little pony trapped in the 80’s/ early 90’s with a small tendency for overdressing and a huge love for neon colours.

After her first performance she quickly became a popular host and performer in the gay scene of Amsterdam,

starring at the hottest party’s and festivals like De Zwarte Cross, Disco total, Wasteland, Milkshake, Woodland Festival, Festifest, Amsterdam Pride, Amstelveld, Homomonument, Paaspop, Sandwich at club Nyx, The Omega Machine at Lowlands and many, many more. Nowadays together with Hoax LeBeau she is part of superstar DJ group CU2NT and together with Nancy Goreng they have their own party: collective TraffaMafia.

When she DJs on her own, you can expect wild looks and a lot of fun, guilty pleasures mixed with contemporary pop/house music, making sure every event is filled with joy and excitement.

Heisa Jynx

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 28482535

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